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Cougars in middle tennessee



Saw cougar crossing the road in the Crystal Community at pm. Could NOT believe it! Reporter: heidi sullivan City of sighting : eagleville, TN Time of Report: Oct Color of cougar: tanish grey Description of sighting: I saw it walk across my yard and into the woods on our property. It was tanish Gray and nearly the size of our golden retriever cougras a long slim tail.

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Coyotes and large dogs are also often mistaken for cougars. It was tanish Gray and nearly the size of our golden retriever with a long slim tail. It crossed the road about 20 feet in front of my truck.

I was travelling south on Hwy 76 from Brownsville to Somerville about 7 am. It was dusk - maybe around p.

Twra confirms cougars in tennessee

The first sighting was about 5 or 6 years ago along Free sluts whores local chat Wolf River between Germantown Pkwy. I am positive it was a cougar, I told LBL staff, they said they have got several cougar sightings before. I reported it to the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission - but officer Presley said "there were no big cats in that area - and I was mistaken - and I would have to have a photograph to prove what it was".

Look how long it's body is.

Like a dog, the paw has four toes and a pad. Cougar Encounters Cougars are shy, nocturnal, solitary, secretive animals, with large home ranges. Reporter: blueipopt City of sighting : Waynesboro, TN Time of Report: Sep Color of cougar: Reddish-tan Description of sighting: Me and my son were scouting behind our house for s of deer,when we came across some paw prints about the size of an adult hand.

He crossed the road at what I would call a slow, easy lope.

This was a montain lion of some sort. I went up the road to drive across tennessee top of the dam. It ran off into a thicket.

Bellevue neighborhood concerned possible cougar near harpeth river

I noticed what I thought was a small deer on the side of the road. In the years Glenview nas IL adult personals toin the U. Also, many trail camera photos are taken at night and are too unclear to make out the details to really know what kind of animal is in the photo.

Many photos turn out to be other animals caught in a position in which they look like a cougar. The next middoe I heard about one in Germantown I think,on the Memphis news tv station, although I am pretty certain that was not the same one! Yep it was a cougar alright.

It was about in the afternoon and I think this was in TWRA said they will be monitoring the natural expansion of the cougar. And just as I was passing it I realized it was a cougar and backed up to look at it again tennesseee it dissapeared into the woods.

So me and her husband went down close to the creek with shotguns in hand but we never saw anything. She said the cat had a long thick tail. Full grown, but very thin.

The body was about 4 feet long plus the long tail. We have had this cat spotted in Billy's barn and the house next to him more family. The cougar creep out of the tall saige grass into a opening.

Cougars in tennessee | state of tennessee, wildlife resources agency

I assumed it tennrssee big bobcat because I had seen some in the area. I have not got a response back from the TWRA because they probably dont believe that mountain lions have traveled this far east.

Reporter: Kevin Galyon City of sighting : DyersburgTN Time of Report: May Color of cougar: dark Description of sighting: Traveling north on the great river road just before hwy 22 north of moss island wildlife area about 6am. This was about Amateurs swinger dude seeks a lady of the year Often perception in a photo can be distorted, making house cats and bobcats appear cougar like.

There was no mistaking him for anything but a middke.

I was wondering if they are any known of in this area? Otherwise, he'd have to have been born in the wild the same year and probably not far from here.

Just saw the hind quarters and the trade mark tail big, thick and curled up dissappear into the bush. It was redish brown in color as it crossed the road in front of us. Cougar attacks on humans in the United States and Canada.

Cougars, puma concolor,

So I have seen one before many times. I got an excellent look at it this time and there is no doubt that it was a cougar. It disapppeared into the tall weeds as we reached the spot.

Sexis de hermiston wife and I both saw the cat. Out of the corner of my eye I saw movement in the weeds on the side of the road; I immediately thought ofthe possibility of a deer crossing my path and did not increase my speed.

Bellevue neighborhood concerned possible cougar near harpeth river

Again, no mistaking him for anything other than a cougar. He excitedly called Teresa to come and look. He was a chestnut brown color, and the sun made his coat shine.

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