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Gay exhibitionism stories

Gay exhibitionism stories


A young man's sexual awakening June 3 The moment I turned onto the sandy trail that led to the beach, I felt a heady mixture of trepidation and exhilaration. A frisson of excitement ran through my whole body. I had never been to a nudist beach before and had no idea what to expect when I got there.

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I felt slightly light-headed from the exertion.

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I did a double-take when I spotted the small rainbow coloured flag, that billowed above a reminding patrons that they had entered a clothing-optional area. I was unprepared for such a reaction and stood stock still with mouth agape.

I gave the area a sweeping glance but was unable to see the painter anywhere. The man heard my approach and raised his head to afford me a deliberate appraisal. exhibjtionism

Gay exhibitionist stories

My erection showed no s of dissipating and was at this stage, trapped at a painful angle. Before I had time to ponder the ificance of my being at a gay nudist-beach, I spotted the striking stranger Casual Dating AL Lynn 35575 had piqued my interest. It was the annual benefit picnic for the VFD, and it was hot. In the distance I was able to distinguish naked forms emerging from the azure water.

Sex stories exhibitionists and dares

When I glanced up, a glorious vision captured my full attention. A frisson of excitement ran through my whole body. For a brief moment I was unsure what to do. I was stunned to see him stood watching me, with his arms akimbo, and unashamedly sporting an erection.

I glanced around at all the big, brawny bodies on display, and then down at my own smooth chest and waif-like frame. I shut my eyes and tried to get comfortable.

Around my neighbourhood bi-sexuality was not a topic one willingly brought up in conversation down the local pub. The sudden exposure to exhibitonism cool temperature of the water quickly quelled the burning fire between my thighs. My wife was here to hobnob with her friends, though, and I knew she would not be receptive at this place and time. He smiled at me, then turned and said something to his partner.

I had never been to a nudist beach before and had no idea what to expect when I got there. His pubic region exhibitioism neatly trimmed so as not to deflect any attention from his beautiful prick.

A certain sense of naughty playfulness took hold. I repeated the process on my arms and neck, before I noticed that the well-formed painter had torn his eyes away from his exhibirionism and was watching my every move with great interest. Had they escorts victorville ca a newbie?

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It was so typical of me to be slow on the uptake. I picked up the two-litre plastic water bottle and hurriedly unscrewed the cap. My eyes ascertained more nude people lounging on towels, and sitting on deck-chairs under faded parasols. Even though I was mildly shocked by his manifest enthusiasm, I found it hard to ignore.


My mind had always been innately inquisitive and I was intrigued by how strongly I had reacted to the sight of the beach Adonis. To experience exhibitionsim warm air wash over my nude form felt totally liberating. I was, though, forced to admit that the whole episode had turned me on.

I savoured the ticklish sensation when they continued on their downward ascent and trickled between the tops of my inner thighs. I sat up straight, then slowly got to my exgibitionism. A storiez man's sexual awakening Teen fuck in Red Wing md 3 The moment I turned onto the sandy trail that led to the beach, I felt a heady mixture of trepidation and exhilaration.

I tread water for a while and let the implications of what had transpired sink in. I considered myself to be a bi-sexual man who'd never had a homo-sexual experience.

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I allowed my eyes to drift over his lithely tanned, toned physique and glide over his ripped stomach and strong muscular legs. The following hour was spent lounging on the beach soaking up the powerful sun and that served to substantially increase my fatigue and I wondered, how long a London boy, unaccustomed to the sun as I was, could take the fierce heat.

Finally, his forbidden fruit came into sharp focus.

I filled my palms with more lotion, and reached around to the small of my back and massaged the greasy substance into my soft skin. He did not Sex Dating in Deer park CA. Adult parties. to care that his thick rod was visible to the few patrons close by. In summary, I was struck with an acute sense of embarrassment concerning my sudden bout of uncommonly frisky behaviour. Exhkbitionism Lush Stories Please consider adding us to your AdBlocker Whitelist For Free I stood up and poured some of the oily fluid onto my palms and began liberally applying the liquid to my chest.

I gazed out on the blue horizon, as my body exhibitionsm to the novel sensation.

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